Join us for a guided stroll around the Limerick Neighborhood with fellow urbanist Steve Sizemore.

"Limerick is a classic Louisville neighborhood with a rich history of immigration, integration, and laden with institutional and architectural tradition.

While the neighborhood can be characterized by its heritage of Irish immigrants, both affluent and working class, it also has a long history as a neighborhood for free blacks who lived in the neighborhood and worked in the nearby L&N railyards. Along West Saint Catherine Street, wealthier Irish built larger homes while the working-class Irish and black residents settled into modest wood-framed and brick shotgun homes Limerick.

The neighborhood began the trend of working-class people living outside of downtown, a trend that continues in the city to this day. As you walk its streets, you will find a resurging neighborhood with a diverse mix of families, individuals, and businesses. You may also find that many of its voided spaces serve as rich opportunities to fulfill city objectives going forward." - Steve Sizermore

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