Project Update

Work continues this week at the Trager MicroForest site. The on-site statue has had a protective barrier established around it. All granite benches within the construction site have been removed by Metro; the wood benches were moved to the opposite side of Armory Place and can still be used by the public.

Last week's prep work allowed for demolition to get started. The pavers and select concrete slabs are currently being removed and should all be removed from the site by the end of this week. The excess concrete slabs have been removed to allow the existing trees more permeable space for their roots and to allow for more plantable areas.

In addition, some work digging holes and pouring concrete is slated to begin so footers for the central retaining wall can be installed next week.

Kertis Creative returned to the square as well to check on our time lapse camera and to get some footage of the demolition.

We will be posting weekly updates in our Field Notes on the state of progress for the project.