The Urban Design Studio, as part of its ongoing Urban Futures project, held a contest for Mrs. Bruszewski’s senior English Classes at DuPont Manual High School. The contest had these students submit posters or 3D displays that communicated the importance of nature in the urban environment. 

A third, second, and first place winner were all picked and awarded an increasing amount from a $450 prize pool. This was made possible with the generous support of Dr. Ted Smith of the Envirome Institute and with the collaboration of Thayne Bruszewski

Third Place- Danson Tran

Student Description: “This is based on the prompt ‘how plants affect/are affected by the urban heat island’. Where the right side of the building shows ways to reduce the urban heat effect using plants and other methods. While the left side shows what causes increases to the urban heat effect. The right shows a green roof, reflective roof, planted trees in unused spaces in the parking lot, lighter colors for the asphalt and building. While the left shows a building that utilizes zero plants, has darker asphalt, darker building, and has a black tar roof. Building is roughly based off the AT&T building at Armory Place, located downtown, an area affected heavily by the Urban Heat Island Effect.”

Second Place- Van Pham

First Place- Yolanda Xie and Vedika Venkataramanan

Winners also had their work displayed at school after they received their prizes.

The Urban Futures project seeks to collaborate with students and teachers across the Louisville area to get students involved in projects related to urban design, healthy cities, and other similar subjects. This contest sought to get students creatively engaged outside of standard class time, but most work within Urban Futures will be in-class. If you’d like to work with us on a collaborative unit, please email