Current Programs

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The Society of Urban Perambulators (SoUP)

The driving force behind The Society of Urban Perambulators is exploring/experiencing the city with civic-minded friends, getting some exercise and then meeting up at a watering hole for conversation. Would be great if this morphs into a group of people getting things done, but let's just start with getting together and talking cities while walking neighborhoods.

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Open Studio & Brass Tacks Talks

Open Studio events are conversational sessions at the Urban Design Studio, typically between 6 to 16 people, around different aspects of the built and natural environment related to issues, ideas and opportunities on how to improve our city and particularly re-envision downtown. The events are open to the public. Brass Tacks Talks are similar to Open Studio events, but more focused on specific topics with related stakeholders.

Past Programs

Sustainable City Series graphic

Sustainable City Series

The Sustainable City Series, established in November of 2007, is a program of public forums designed to raise the community's awareness of sustainable practices. The ultimate goal of the series is to provide a catalyst for moving Louisville and the region towards a model of sustainability.

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Pecha Kucha Louisville

Pecha Kucha Louisville events were a series of events that offered people from around the community and all walks of life a platform to talk about their ideas. Each participant had 20 slides, each slide lasts 20 seconds and then moves on so each speaker has six minutes and forty seconds.

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