Project Update

The foundation of the MicroForest is literally starting to take shape. A lot of work occurred last week. QK4 visited the site to mark the area where the central retaining wall for the site will go. This allowed for our contractors to dig out the trench where the footers will be placed.

Digging the trench for the retaining wall footers

After the trench was dug, work immediately began to line it with rebar and fill it with concreter. This serves as the base for the curved central retaining wall.

Pouring the concrete wall footers

With the concrete poured, it will take some time to cure, but there is not much left to do before installing the wall itself. It will take a couple weeks for the wall sections to be completely fabricated, but some pieces may be installed as early as this weekend.

Site post-concrete pour

Be on the lookout for more information about the project next week!

We will be posting weekly updates in our Field Notes on the state of progress for the project.