The Health Corridor

An initiative to connect downtown
and the medical district into a vibrant
corridor focused around a new
vision of health for our City

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We are city explorers.

Learning from our built environment, the best practices as well as the epic mistakes.

The work.

From studies and ideation to implementation

Sometimes we do the studies through to implementation, other times we help with a white paper, initial conceptual design, background research, or short-term activations, either way, we are focused on improving the community. Work with us!


Events, learning opportunities, collaborative problem solving...

Everyone has good ideas, we want to provide opportunities for those ideas to get out there and grow while also celebrating the hard work being done every day.

Ideas into Action.

Prototyping, idea testing, iterative development... problem solving in real-time.

Cities are constantly evolving, and now at an increasingly rapid pace. Prototyping solutions to the problems urban areas face is essential to better understand the issues and promote creative interventions that improves and engages the community.


The narrative of the city is all around us.

Telling stories and discussing observations is part of engaging the city and the communities that inhabit them, whether it is in the central business district or on a farm on the outskirts of town.


Thoughts about places...


Louisville Heat Hotspots

November 17, 2023
Sean Willis

Biology research at the Trager MicroForest Project

October 4, 2023
Patrick Piuma

SoUP: Lexington's Town Branch Commons

September 26, 2023
Patrick Piuma


Providing the space for ideas on place to grow.

Whether civic-minded people are gathering to discuss issues facing a neighborhood or to hear about the history of a street corner, we have a space to meet. The University of Louisville's Urban Design Studio in downtown offers a place for ideation.

Citystate radio.

Talking urbanism

Citystate started as an experimental urban affairs radio show on WXOX 97.1 Louisville that is now available as a podcast. Patrick Piuma, Director of the Urban Design Studio, co-hosts the show with fellow urban planner Pat Smith and landscape architect Patrick Henry. Citystate covers all things civic-related with discussions, interviews and music, exploring urban issues and culture locally, nationally, and around the globe.

The purpose of the show is to not only disseminate information about urban issues that face the community, but learn from people doing civic work on the ground in Louisville and around the world.

Citystate is now available as a podcast on most platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.