Changing the perception of urban planning and design as the "dusty plan on a shelf."

Too often planning processes result in the generation of a grand document, a collection of ideas from stakeholders and the community at large, all with great intentions. These documents can be valuable and in the best of circumstances can guide policy-makers to actively work towards the intended goals of their constituents, but there are so many incremental steps that need to happen from vision to implementation. In a rapidly changing world these liminal spaces between planning and doing need to be flexible to adapt which requires civic-minded people talking and exploring what is and what things can be. We work to try to facilitate these moments of discovery and discussion through curated events. As we hopefully get through the pandemic we look forward to large community gatherings, but while we wait, we are working to provide smaller, safely distanced events that bring community together for shared experiences of our neighborhoods and places that make up our region.

Below you will find events that we will or have hosted with the first being the most recent. We work with a number of community partners. If you have ideas for events to collaborate on, please let us know.