With the holidays mostly behind us, we are ramping up our efforts on the Trager Micro-Forest Project at Founders Square. A lot of moving pieces, but thought we would take a second to highlight some critical baseline data work that local firm QK4 is doing for us.

Ben and Valerie came out yesterday morning to start collecting detailed site survey data, including utilizing a terrestrial wearable LiDAR system that creates a 3D scan of the entire park and surrounding area using lasers and GPS, similar to the way some autonomous vehicle systems scan the environment.

The data that QK4 is collecting will form a solid foundation for the research and design work that we are beginning to develop at the Envirome Institute at UofL and with our local design partners at Gresham Smith. There is a lot more in the pipeline. We are excited to build on what exists and start imagining what is possible as we work to develop novel approaches to intensely greening our downtown, promoting a healthier environment for people and rejuvenating our urban core.

For more information about the project please see the Trager MicroForest Project and stay tuned for more activity, ideas, and developments.