Join us for the next Open Studio, Wednesday May 18th at Noon at the UDS downtown space (429 W Muhammad Ali Blvd)!

We will kick off the urbanism conversations with our guest Michael Unthank, a retired groundwater hydrologist from the U.S. Geological Survey. Mike has done some really interesting work looking at geothermal potential and current use in our city. He has also explored the use of the aquifer beneath our feet to implement cooling tubes at parks and other public spaces with the natural cooling temperature of the ground water. This could be a great opportunity to have a conversation about all sorts of alternative energy approaches as well as creative, outside of the box thinking about how our city could function.

If you plan to drop by, please give Patrick Piuma a heads up with an email ( so he has an idea of how many people plan to stop by.

Hope to see you on Wednesday!