Join us for an open discussion about transit at Open Studio, Wednesday February 9th at 11:00 am at the UDS downtown space (429 W Muhammad Ali Blvd.)

We will be joined by Aida Copic, Director of Planning for TARC. As with every Open Studio, this is an opportunity for conversations about how our city functions and explore opportunities and issues facing Louisville. There are so many directions we could go with a transit talk, but definitely hoping to have a better understanding of some of the current initiatives such as Dixie Highway BRT, Preston Corridor Project, Broadway, and more. It would be good if we can also explore how transit shaped our city and think about what the future of mass transportation in Louisville might look like.

I'm sure streetcars and light rail will come up at some point, and though it seems like that ship has sailed when T2 got scuttled years ago, always good to have an open dialog about the pros and cons of fixed systems and what alternatives really offer.

If you plan to drop by, please give Patrick Piuma a heads up with an email, DM etc so he has an idea of how many people plan to stop by. Masks will be required to keep everyone healthy.

Hope to see you on Wednesday! Stay safe out there.