The opening of the Windows Into the Community exhibit at KMAC on March 16th was such a great experience. Being able to see all of the hard work Danny Seim put into the 40 portraits and to be among some of the people featured in the portraits, people who have been doing the hard work to improve our city and inspire others was one of my favorite events I've attended in a long time.

We want to thank Danny Seim for the amazing portrait work and the Portland Museum for the collaboration. Also want to thank KMAC for hosting the exhibit and providing refreshments along with Gill Holland. We especially want to thank all the nominees who were featured in the portraits as they have done the heavy lifting of raising up our community and inspiring others to do the same.

Artist Danny Seim and Director of the Urban Design Studio Patrick Piuma
Patrick Piuma describes the collaboration project with Danny Seim
Portrait nominee Ed White and artist Danny Seim

The process began with Danny illustrating the portraits. We are in the process of blowing up the portraits and, using recycled lath from old buildings in Portland, creating frames to hang these in storefronts downtown. The first portrait up was Ed Whites at the Portland Museum and now at KMAC. We are working to get as many portraits up in windows downtown as we can over the next few weeks as we work with storefront owners to allow us to hang the portraits in their windows and create a streetscape gallery.

Working on Ed White's portrait frame at the Urban Design Studio for hanging at KMAC
Ed White's portrait hanging at KMAC on Main Street

Thanks to everyone who attended the exhibit opening, especially those featured in the portraits.

Dr. Renee Campbell (left)

Piuma's favorite part of the project, celebrating the people making the community a better place with his youngest daughter Katharine at KMAC
Great to have some of our portrait nominees on hand for the event (from left to right: Gordon Brown, Tom Owen, Ché Rhodes, Ed White, Dr. Renee Campbell, Jack Trawick, Dolores Delahanty, Patti Clare, Mary Lou Northern. Not pictured but present, Sadiqa Reynolds and Will Oldham)
Che Rhodes and Will Oldham featured in the portrait series, talking with other attendees at KMAC

Portraits of Branden Klayko and Elmer Lucille Allen were built and can now be found hanging at Louisville Public Media on 4th Street. Thanks to Stephen George and LPM for participating in the streetscape gallery. Looking forward to getting more of these out into downtown!

Working on the Branden Klayko and Elmer Lucille Allen portrait frames at the Urban Design Studio in Portland
Elmer Lucille Allen and Branden Klayko's portraits hanging at Louisville Public Media