We have a lot of parking lots in Louisville… in fact we have over 14 square miles of large surface parking lots across Louisville Metro/Jefferson County… an area equivalent in size to the entire city of Frankfort, our state capitol. Thanks in part to the minimum parking requirements in many areas of our city, we’ve laid huge expanses of concrete and asphalt devoted solely to the automobile… many of which are barely or rarely used at all.

The large lots fragment neighborhoods and commercial districts, posing challenges for connectivity and walkability, and have environmental consequences, making Louisville hotter, contributing to poorer air quality, and more susceptible to flooding.

The ReSurfaced initiative hopes to draw attention to this situation… and seeks to begin a fresh dialogue about filling in these gaps in our built environment. As we begin to look around at these fragmented areas, we must think about how to strategically activate these spaces in the short-term and create opportunities to catalyze the development that will make our community a more vibrant, healthy, and attractive city.