An eclectic group of civic-minded individuals, with backgrounds ranging from urban planning and landscape architecture to interface design and metal fabrication, met up at St. Charles Exchange for a pre-tour cocktail sponsored in part by Mad*Pow (thank you!). After getting to socialize and meet others interested in making the city better, we headed over to 615 West Main Street to get an up close view of the currently vacant space behind four historic building facades. Thanks to the help of Darryl from PARC for getting us access to the site, the group explored the site and ideas on not only how to design a vibrant and exciting space that people would want to visit, but the potential to create an interactive space that would offer a variety of opportunities for exploring our built environment. With the first look at the space, a lot of great initial thoughts were presented. Ideas that will be explored further in the upcoming week as we begin to move from concepts to a framework of how to break up the space horizontally and create verticality with different design elements, utilize light, sound, texture, and plant material to provide a unique sensory experiences. Looking forward to seeing these ideas come to life soon!