We are thrilled to have Emmy-award winning filmmakers Kertis Creative sponsoring ReSurfaced. Check out the amazing ReSurfaced promo video they’ve created and please feel free to share it:

About Kertis Creative:

Kertis Creative is a small, potent group of strategists, filmmakers, photographers, writers, designers and curious people who make change within organizations we love. We pursue honest, authentic and personal brand and culture projects in various formats, across all media. Kertis Creative has been creating beautiful things for good people since 2008. We welcome partnerships with organizations of all sizes and flavors.

We are compelled to participate in our communities and to champion the people and causes that make our communities more livable, equitable, and interesting. We don’t want to live in a world that supports, promotes or accepts anything less. We believe that smart targeted ideas can break and drown out average but prolific mass communication.

We value the work of thinkers, makers and doers. We are excited by people that are excited. We are inspired by those who sacrifice for their beliefs. We believe that good design and resonant stories help make the world less polarized. Creative and artistic work is a valuable and elemental part of every community.