It’s not easy transforming an empty concrete lot into an inviting, creative community space. But, every week it’s coming together piece by piece thanks to volunteers and the vision of Henry-McGalliard Landscape Design and Build.

After living in culturally aware and progressive cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Providence, all 3 of Henry-McGalliard‘s core designers decided to return home to Kentucky in hopes to bring what they have learned elsewhere and engage their community. And, that’s why partnering with ReSurfaced is a perfect fit.

According to the Henry-McGalliard team:

“The Landscape is ultimately the foundation for a successful built environment, and should never be considered as an after thought.  We are excited to have been invited to take part as landscape designers.  It will be fun to witness the transformation as we activate this empty space with a series of whimsical earth forms and brightly painted trees.  We want the public to feel comfortable, engaged, and excited to move throughout a well designed space.”

We’d love for you to be a part of that transformation this Saturday from 10-2 as we help take their vision and make it a reality.