Thanks to the Overhead Group for giving us some amazing footage of ReSurfaced. Out of the kindness of their heart, they came by multiple times and sent drones high in the sky to capture the beautiful imagery you see here. There are many more photos and a video we plan on making as well – so stay tuned for more good stuff from these guys.

The Overhead Group was kind enough to share a bit more information on their business below. I’m sure you are already thinking of ways you can use their talents:

Overhead Group is a firm which provides aerial photographs/video using a fleet of drones.  Providing cost effective aerial perspectives along with an ability to present the materials attractively, allows their clients a unique perspective that won’t break the bank.

Overhead Group works primarily with General Contractors, Developers, Realtors, Event Planners, as well as Facility Management personnel.  Being able to provide HD quality images for a fraction the cost of hiring a helicopter/airplane is driving growth. Additional technologies are being considered to implement with future service offerings such as 3D mapping, advertising and live streaming events.

Over the last several months, Overhead Group has been fortunate to provide services to Norton Healthcare, Forest Giant, ReMax Realtors, and the University of Louisville.