Trager MicroForest Project
Founders Square
Louisville, Kentucky
2023 - Present
This project is possible through the generous support of the Trager Family Foundation.
A catalytic project connecting people with nature and changing the way the community experiences the heart of the city.

This project aims to transform downtown into a healthier and more appealing urban center. The Trager MicroForest Project introduces a novel, intense urban greening model centered around resilient plant communities. This initiative goes beyond creating a pleasant greenspace; it will provide a template for future projects, reimagining urban greening from street trees along city corridors to underutilized spaces between buildings.

With downtown at a crucial juncture, relying solely on office workers is unsustainable for re-establishing vibrancy. Creative solutions are needed to inject vitality into downtown, making it an attractive destination. The Trager MicroForest Project addresses this by planting a forest in the heart of downtown, acting as a catalyst to shift perceptions and promote environmental, psychological, and economic health and development today.

In order to better understand the health and environmental impacts of the project , the University of Louisville's Envirome Institute, along with various partners across the University and beyond have been collecting baseline data at Founders Square. Current research on the site includes study of the micro-climate on the site as it relates to urban heat islands, urban greening and stress reduction, biodiversity and the microbiome of the square, as well as soil health and more.

Trager MicroForest Master Plan
Through public workshops in early 2023 and followup design and ideation sessions with our design consultants at Gresham Smith, we have developed a master plan. The following renderings provide a vision for the project, with expectations of phase one implementation (Forest Center section) in early 2024.

aerial of current conditions of founders square
Trager MicroForest Project overhead design plan
rendering of microforest portal entrance
rendering of microforest 444 entrance
rendering of microforest central forest
rendering of microforest from Muhammad Ali Blvd and Armory

Current Conditions
We have installed two Chronolog stations in Founders Square, one at the southwest corner near Armory and Muhammad Ali Blvd, and a second at the northeast corner. These stations allow us to produce crowd-sourced timelapse videos of the progress of the Trager MicroForest Project that monitor changes over time.

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