ULI Rose Fellows Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
A yearlong program of professional development and technical assistance to address local challenges with the Urban Land Institutes Daniel Rose Fellowship

Louisville was the recipient of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Rose Fellowship 2012-2013. Along with Austin, Hartford and Tacoma. As part of the year long project, the Louisville Rose Fellows learned from their peer cities while each worked on a specific project. Louisville focused on the 4th Street Corridor as the underdeveloped spine of the City from the Ohio River to Churchill Downs.

Mayor Fischer selected four people to represent Louisville for the year-long effort including Patrick Piuma, Director of the Urban Design Studio at the University of Louisville.

The initial effort may have begun in 2012 but the ambitious goals of strengthening the 4th Street corridor will take decades to realize and the Urban Design Studio continues to work with interested stakeholders to help achieve the vision.

The following information contains material from the proposal, research and work and continues to evolve as efforts continue.

This video was the original proposal and primer for the other Rose Fellow city participants to understand the project scope.

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