Story Avenue Park
Butchertown Neighborhood
Louisville, Kentucky
This project was in collaboration with Louisville Metro Parks and local stakeholders to helped fund the park renovation
Revitalizing an underused green space in the Butchertown Neighborhood

The Urban Design Studio worked with Louisville Metro Parks and local stakeholders to create a redevelopment plan for Story Avenue Park in Butchertown.

In the spring of 2013, the Boys and Girls’ Club building, previously located along the western edge of the park, was demolished and its land was cleared. The new green space that resulted from the demolition sparked the interest of neighborhood residents who desired a more vibrant and active park. Consequently, a new design for the park was sought through a public process coordinated by the Urban Design Studio (UDS), in collaboration with the Butchertown Neighborhood Association (BNA) and Louisville Metro Parks.

Through three public meetings, including one design workshop, a site development plan was created and revised for the three parcels that compose Story Avenue Park. The resulting design incorporates the ideas and feedback received by neighborhood residents, and was guided by the expertise provided by Metro Parks staff.

story avenue park workshop
story avenue park workshop
story avenue park workshop
story avenue park workshop

Throughout the process, residents expressed their desire for a park design that was both contemporary and contextual, responding to both site features and the neighborhood’s rich history. The final design features a large open green space as its centerpiece that is bordered by a walking path, and includes a basketball half court, a swing set, benches, a small lawn, bike racks, picnic areas, and permeable parking. The enhanced pedestrian circulation connects Story Avenue with Washington Street, while guiding park users through an undulating path that connects park features and seating areas to major neighborhood gateways.