Health Impact Assessments: An Introduction and Guide for Implementation in Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky
This project was in collaboration with the City Solutions Center
Exploring tools to examine the connection between health and the built environment

The purpose of this report is to inform the ongoing discussion about Health ImpactAssessment (HIA) in Louisville, Kentucky. Although there are many questions to consider regarding HIA, this report focuses on: defining HIA and identifying the valuesassociated with it; HIA’s purpose and goals, which include public health benefits; the range in types of HIA; and the general procedural framework for conducting an HIA. This report also provides examples of HIA checklists, which are used as preliminary devices to facilitate discussion on plans, programs, policies, or projects that may have an impact on health in the built environment. It also provides examples of each of these four types of HIAs.

This report also discusses the future of HIA in the city of Louisville, including a look at programs intended to educate and train individuals in the development and implementation of HIAs. The anticipated audience for this report includes planners, applied academic researchers, public health officials, neighborhood and community organizations, and any other individual or organization interested in developing a Health Impact Assessment.