Patrick Lewis

Research Assistant

2007 - 2008

Patrick is the conservation program specialist with the USDA Farm Service Agency in Spokane, Washington. At the Urban Design Studio (2007-2008) Patrick helped set the project into motion and worked on marketing assignments, such as press releases and copy text, for both the Studio and the (now) Department of Urban and Public Affairs.

Patrick's time at UDS nurtured a love of sustainability and green spaces that he takes into his current position helping to provide wildlife habitat, combat erosion and improve water quality in farming communities throughout the state. The Studio's values - particularly that of community focus - stuck with him as he entered public service. He was at UDS as a public administration student, but working alongside the planners at the Studio and becoming more aware of urban design issues has provided benefits at every turn. Whether on a thousand acres or a community garden, it's all about making the best use of the space you've got.

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