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  • Beargrass Creek
    Beargrass Creek: An urban acupuncture opportunity

    “It is truly a matter of how one looks at things – either as a problem or as an opportunity to do something creative.” (Jaime Lerner, 2014, p. 78) On a brisk fall afternoon, cyclists gl...

  • Sneckdown at Daniel Boone Circle
    Could aerial photography reveal snowless sneckdowns?

    While on the way to the studio this morning I came across a great illustration of a sneckdown at Daniel Boone Circle at the end of Eastern Parkway. The circle presents very defined travel routes throu...

  • sneckdown
    Sneckdowns Louisville

    The recent snowstorm in Louisville offers the chance to evaluate our streets and identify potential locations where underutilized pavement can be reallocated to the pedestrian environment, provide tr...



Utilizing observation, research, and analysis to contribute to a better understanding of our built environment


Fostering community dialog through education and outreach on subjects related to urban design, sustainability, and community


Building community through neighborhood design facilitation, workshops, and open dialog to find solutions


Collaborating with the local community to improve the city now! through tactical urbanism interventions and experimentation